Bulgaria’s Interior Minister: It is a Tradition for Migrant Traffickers to Not Stop after Police Signals them

Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev commented on another case of an incident involving transported migrants, in which one person died near the Aldomirovo Swamp in the Dragoman region. According to him, it has become a tradition for traffickers not to stop at the signals of people from law enforcement agencies.

"Unfortunately, this has become a tradition with these punishments they receive. The driver is a Serbian citizen, as far as I understand, so is the registration of the car," commented Demerdzhiev.

In Haskovo, Demerdzhiev announced that a second investigation is underway against regional governor Minko Angelov for his official actions. He gave a good assessment of the work of the regional directorate of the Ministry of the Interior.

Signals of vote-buying are increasing every day, growing by percentages, the interior minister also said.

"Not so much as a number, but as a trend, they are growing like an avalanche. Each of the directorates works actively. Each of the directors will be heard in Sofia on the topics related to the elections, about what has been done, what is to be done, and the action plan. Each one will go through the political and professional leadership in Sofia this week. We are acting actively, as we promised," the interior minister explained.

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