Day 390 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Xi Jinping visits Moscow

Day 390 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • The plane of the Chinese president landed at Vnukovo Airport
  • Xi Jinping: The crisis in Ukraine can be resolved through pragmatic talks
  • The Chinese president arrives on a visit to Moscow for a meeting with Putin
  • Xi Jinping to the Russians before meeting with Putin: Peace and mutual benefit are an unstoppable historical trend
  • Russia has become China's largest supplier of gas
  • Attacks and missile strikes around Bakhmut - 69 Russian attacks were repelled
  • Russia launched a criminal investigation against the ICC
  • The terrorist Girkin: We are repeating the mistakes of the Wehrmacht, we will lose in Bakhmut
  • Russia talked about a delay of the gas hub in Turkey
  • The EU's #1 diplomat hopes for an agreement on the supply of shells to Ukraine
  • Kommersant: Kremlin bans employees from using iPhone
  • Kyiv again demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine
  • Borrell: If Putin visits a signatory country to the ICC agreement, he will be arrested
  • Polish diplomat: If Ukraine fails to defend itself, Poland will have to enter the conflict
  • Meeting of EU foreign affairs and defense ministers on support for Ukraine
  • Medvedev: The ICC ruling on Putin will have dire consequences for international law
  • Britain is ready to compensate Poland for sending...
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