‘Franchises’ and politics

[Intime News]

We all have our concerns. The people of this country have their own huge concerns about what they will wake up to next. Then you read and hear that some people have their own great anxiety about whether the next Parliament will include a member from this or that political family. The argument is phrased as follows: There has been no Parliament since 19… without a member of Parliament with this last name. I don't think there is an argument or issue that angers voters more.

The last thing they care about is whether or not a political dynasty or "franchise" will continue. They want solutions to their problems, not an answer to whether there will be a Papandreou, Mitsotakis, Karamanlis or anyone else in the next Parliament.

It is logical that those who manage such "franchises" are worried about their continuation. Some are well-intentioned, believing this issue concerns...

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