The end of the war? Putin has had his say... Kyiv's response awaited

After the negotiations, the President of Russia said that in his conversation with the Chinese President, he noted the growing tension in the world as well as the practice of unfair sanctions.
"The Chinese peace plan can be taken as a basis for a peaceful solution in Ukraine, when they are ready for it in the West and in Kyiv," Putin stated.
As he said, Russia and China are firmly against violating the interests of other countries with the aim of achieving supremacy. Putin referred to Britain sending grenades to Ukraine.
"The reports that Britain is sending grenades with depleted uranium to Ukraine testify to the fact that the West has decided to go to war with Russia to the last Ukrainian, in action and not in words," Putin said.
He added that Russia will be forced to react if the collective West starts using weapons with nuclear components.
The Chinese president stated that he has maintained close ties with Putin for ten years and is in contact with him on strategic issues.
Xi added that China is for peace and dialogue.

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