Macron is determined: "Within two weeks..."

This was reported to France Press today by the participants of the meeting of the ruling coalition in the Elyse Palace.
"There is no dissolution, no reconstruction, no referendum," said one unnamed participant of the meeting attended by government and parliament officials.
According to his words, the French president requested that within two to three weeks the participants of the meeting make proposals for "changing the methods and program of implementing the reform" of pensions.
Tomorrow, Macron will give a live interview to TF1 and France 2 televisions about the social and political tensions over the pension reform, the Elyse Palace announced.
The interview will begin tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., after the final adoption of the pension reform law in parliament and Macron's consultations with his political camp.
The pension reform law was adopted on Monday evening through Article 49 of the Constitution without a vote of the MPs and after two rejected motions of no confidence in the government.
However, this did not calm the political discontent of the opposition and citizens. In France, protests were held in several cities, and incidents occured in certain places.
New protests are scheduled for Thursday.

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