Moscow invites Bulgarian IT Workers to Emigrate to Russia under a Simplified Procedure

The Moscow Embassy in Sofia offered an irresistible offer for Bulgarian IT specialists - to emigrate to Russia under a simplified procedure together with their families.

The proposal was uploaded on the Facebook page of the Russian mission in Bulgaria. The campaign is under the motto "Russia - country of opportunities".

The embassy specifies that foreign IT specialists can enter into an employment contract or a civil law contract to perform work with organizations that work in the field of information technologies, without issuing a work permit or a patent.

In addition, employers, which must be accredited IT companies, are allowed to hire such employees without obtaining a permit to attract and use employees.

It is also indicated that a foreign IT specialist who works in an accredited IT company, as well as members of his/her family, have the right to obtain a residence permit in Russia without a deadline and in a simplified manner.

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