NATO: The Majority of Bulgarians support an Increase in Defense Spending

According to 83% of Bulgarian citizens, our country should spend more on defense, while only 8% disagree, and 9% cannot decide. This is indicated by data from a NATO study, included in the annual report on the Alliance's activities presented today, cited by BTA correspondent Nikolay Zhelyazkov.

According to the report, last year Bulgaria provided defense funds equal to 1.54% of GDP. The report states that so far only seven countries of the Alliance meet the goal of spending reaching two percent of GDP. Bulgaria fulfills the goal set by NATO for at least a 20% share of equipment costs from the total national defense budget.

Support for NATO among the citizens of the countries of the pact increased by 8% in the last year, according to the latest data in Bulgaria, 55% expressed support, and 31% said they were in favor of leaving the Alliance. More than half of the participants in the survey in our country (57 percent) are of the opinion that NATO membership makes a military attack against our country less likely, and this expectation is shared by more and more of the other citizens of the Alliance countries.

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