Bulgaria will receive EUR 16 Million in Compensation due to large Imports of Grain from Ukraine

The European Commission will provide 56 million euros to support farmers in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, affected by the increased export of agricultural products from Ukraine, said Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, quoted by Bloomberg. "We're seeing an increase in supplies, a huge increase in imports to the border countries," he said.

Bulgaria and Poland will receive 16 and 30 million euros respectively due to the fact that the combination of their domestic production and imports from Ukraine exceeds the average of the five years before the Russian military operation, Romania has been allocated 10 million euros as it has become in a center for grain exported from Ukraine to Europe along the "routes of solidarity".

Hungary and Slovakia also faced increases in Ukrainian grain imports, but they received no aid because their combined imports and domestic production did not exceed the average of the five years before hostilities.

The EU and Ukraine signed a comprehensive free trade area agreement in 2016 that suspended duties and tariffs on about half of Ukraine's agricultural products.

Ukraine's exports to the EU of other products were eased last May for a year as part of "solidarity routes" - these measures were taken by Europe to stimulate the economy of the Russian-attacked country and gradually integrate Ukraine into the European Union's internal market. union.

Such measures led to the fact that food imports increased significantly in the last year - from several thousand to several million tons. For example, in November 2021, 6 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn were imported into Poland, a year later - 1.64 million tons, according to the data of the European Council.

At the same time, Polish farmers...

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