Central Athens’ high yields

The center of Athens is emerging as an ideal destination for securing high yields from the utilization of residential property.

According to a relevant analysis by real estate investment platform Protio, of the 10 districts of Attica with the highest yields, the individual ones in the city center occupy seven of the 10 positions. However, the first two places belong to Aegaleo and Nikaia, two suburbs that offer annual returns of 8.2% and 7.9% respectively.

"Investment in residential real estate was and is very close to our hearts, as 76% of Greeks own some real estate (Eurostat, 2022). The period we are going through is ideal for real estate investments, as it is the most appropriate way to 'protect' your property. In times of high inflation and volatility in stock markets, investors are looking for their next or, very often, first investment in real estate, which...

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