EU: Countries like Bulgaria should not Block others regarding Shells for Ukraine

@European Parliament

The supply of 155 mm projectiles to Ukraine should be part of the general conclusions for the country, which are expected to be proposed at the European Council starting tomorrow in Brussels.

This was reported by diplomatic sources.

The leaders of the EU member states will participate in the meeting.

Before the conclusions are adopted, some leaders will need to be heard and talked to. Every effort will be made to avoid editing the text agreed upon by the Foreign Ministers on 20 March.

The EU Council then approved sending 1 million 155 mm shells to Ukraine within a year.

The diplomats did not name any countries.

However, it is known that Bulgaria will not participate in the provision of such assistance. This was stated first by Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov, and then by President Rumen Radev. It is the head of state who will participate in the European Council, since our current government is not regular.

Hungary also has no intention of participating in this scheme.

"The President of the European Council Charles Michel met with 23 European leaders. We have invested a lot so that there are no changes. Some countries should not be allowed to block others who want to act", the diplomats pointed out.

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