New dogma on strategic energy autonomy

'The Eastern Med gas fields are a really huge find not only for the energy world but also for geopolitics,' Emily Holland tells Kathimerini.

On the sidelines of the recent conference at Panteion University's Institute of International Relations, Emily Holland, assistant professor at the US Naval War College, spoke to Kathimerini and analyzed the energy dimension of the war in Ukraine and the role of the Eastern Mediterranean as an energy hub.

Why did some European states fail to break their gas dependence on Russia?

One of the main reasons is that there were people within those countries that were profiting from that dependence. There was corruption at different levels. So in some places, like Germany, it was not corruption per se, but it was just sort of built into the political system. So you had very powerful utility firms that supported certain German political parties, which basically were making a lot of money because they had this agreement on cheap gas from Russia that they could...

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