Number of arrests over collapsed buildings rises to 298

Within the scope of the investigations carried out by the "earthquake crimes investigation offices" established by the Justice Ministry, the number of arrests of those involved in shoddy and illegal construction methods has increased to 298, of which 104 are contractors.

In the investigation initiated just after the deadly earthquakes in the 11 southern provinces, some 1,325 suspects were identified.

Arrest warrants were issued for 305 people, of which 298 were arrested, while judicial control warrants were issued for 449 people.

While there are 91 people with detention orders, the proceedings of two people in custody are ongoing.

It was also determined that four of the suspects were abroad, while 58 suspects lost their lives in the earthquakes.

Meanwhile, it was learned that the contractor of a newly built apartment in the southern province of Hatay's Antakya district that collapsed in the quakes fled to Turkish Cyprus.

Türkiye demanded the extradition of the contractor who was found to be responsible for the collapse of the building and the lives lost under its rubble.

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