Sense of calm prevails in the Aegean

A Greek pilot of a F-16 fighter jet gives the thumb-up sign upon landing at Andravida air base, about 279 kilometres (174 miles) southwest of Athens, Friday. [AP]

The improvement of relations between Greece and Turkey and the sharp decrease in tensions is not only at the diplomatic level but also, and almost in tandem, with the operational situation on the ground.

In addition to the opening of channels of communication, both sides have also reached an informal agreement to limit military exercises in the Aegean to the absolute minimum.

More specifically, until the electoral landscape is clear and the electoral cycle in the two countries is completed, there will be no large-scale naval exercises, with the exception of NATO or other multinational cooperations. Accordingly, the next stages of a series of Greek naval drills whose first annual legs were completed in mid-February in the western Aegean (Myrtoo, Western Cyclades, western Crete) will either not take place at all until the end of the summer or will be limited in order to...

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