"You will experience the same as NATO in Serbia"

In the latest in a series of Moscow reactions to Great Britain's announcement to send depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine, the Russian Defense Minister reminded today that such ammunition was also used by NATO during the bombing of Serbia in 1999, and that it had a negative impact on the health of NATO soldiers.
In an interview with Russia-1 television, he said that the consequences of its use have been partially investigated.
There were consequences for the health of those who used that ammunition. There were serious medical conditions and they were studied. However, they did not examine what effect the ammunition had on those against whom it was used, the Russian minister added, TASS reports.
British Deputy Defense Minister Annabel Goldie previously said that, in addition to the delivery of Challenger 2 battle tanks, Great Britain will supply Kyiv with ammunition, including shells containing depleted uranium.
The Russian embassy in London warned the British government not to supply Kyiv with such ammunition.
According to Russian diplomats, this step is fraught with risks for further escalation of the conflict.
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned yesterday that Great Britain's announcement that it will provide Ukraine with depleted uranium ammunition means that there are "fewer and fewer steps" left to a nuclear conflict.

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