Bosnian Aid Organisation Prepares Thousands of Ramadan Meals for Believers

The meals are intended for "Iftar" suppers, eaten at the end of the day-long fast in Ramadan, when Muslims abstain from food and water from sunrise until sundown for one month. 

"The meals are intended for Iftar, but will be provided for [all] people, no matter their religious or national identity," Saliha Roksa, spokeswoman of, told BIRN. 

Trucks packed with 1,500 meals leaving the base in Sarajevo, March 23, 2023. Photo:

The meals will be given to citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, but also to people in earthquake-stricken areas of Turkey and Syria. 

"Besides meals, we will be providing food packages during Ramadan in addition to our regular distribution of food packages and meals to people and families in social need in Bosnia and Herzegovina," Roksa added. 

Central storage of Photo: was formed in 2012 and quickly became a trusted partner for people in need, but also for those who wanted to donate.

Since then, it has distributed hundreds of thousands of meals and food packages and helped hundreds more get medical treatments abroad, aiding a total of 700,000 people.

Food packages delivered during Ramadan in 2022. Photo:

After two devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, Bosnians donated 500,000 Bosnian marks, or some 250,000 euros, to the area through in only a 24-hour period.   

They rely on such donations to support their work.

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