A catastrophic mistake by Biden - it is a huge risk for the USA

Mike Pompeo, who was the country's secretary of state under former President Donald Trump, warned about this huge strategic mistake.
The alliance between Moscow and Beijing "may be a forced marriage, but they are still married," Pompeo told Fox News on Wednesday.
"To hear the White House play this down as if it's insignificant or unimportant is a huge strategic mistake," he added.
Pompeo, who spoke a few hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded a landmark visit to Moscow, where several agreements were signed, stressed that China is "obtaining energy at a reduced price" from Russia.
"Think about it. American manufacturing companies today pay full freight for energy, and the Chinese get a 15.20% discount on every barrel of oil, which allows them to keep dumping their products here in America," he explained.
The former secretary of state also claimed that "at least for today, the Chinese Communist Party is almost certainly providing lethal aid to Ukraine."
Apparently, he was referring to the Russian forces fighting against Ukraine, not Kyiv itself. Weapons for Ukraine are provided by the US and its NATO allies, along with assets, intelligence and training for troops.
Beijing has previously denied claims that it is supplying or plans to supply weapons to Moscow amid the conflict with Kyiv, calling such claims by Washington "false".
Russia has also insisted that it relies on locally produced weapons in its military operations.
"Now the Biden administration has failed. They have allowed the Russians and the Chinese to come together in this way and it poses a huge risk to the US and every citizen," Pompeo continued about the mistake of the Biden administration, which he considers catastrophic.

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