Biden on Greek Independence Day: ‘Our alliance has never been stronger’

[Kevin Lamarque/REUTERS]

US President Joe Biden noted that the Greek-US alliance has never been stronger in the annual proclamation of March 25th as Greek Independence Day. He said his country's founders had been inspired by ancient Athenian Democracy and extolled the contributions of Greek-Americans to the US economy, noting his own longstanding ties to the Greek-American community.

Biden also spoke of fighting for the common cause of democracy, in Ukraine and elsewhere, as well as close bilateral cooperation in a number of issues and economic sectors..

The full text of the President's proclamation follows:

"Today, we honor the heroism of Greek revolutionaries who fought for their independence more than two centuries ago and celebrate the sacred idea that has always bound our great nations together: that "we the people" hold the power to shape our own destinies.

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