Bulgaria has the Lowest GDP per capita in the EU

In 2022, gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS), varied between 59 percent from the European Union average in Bulgaria and 261 percent in Luxembourg. This is shown by the latest data of the European statistical agency Eurostat, published yesterday on its official page and quoted by BTA.

The data show significant differences between EU member states in terms of GDP per capita, an indicator used to measure economic activity.

In 2022, Luxembourg and Ireland recorded the highest levels of GDP per capita expressed in PPS terms, at 161 percent and 134 percent, respectively, of the EU average.

They are followed by Denmark (36 percent above the EU average), the Netherlands (30 percent), Austria (25 percent), Belgium (21 percent), Sweden (19 percent) and Germany (17 percent).

Contrary to them, the EU countries with the lowest levels of GDP per capita, expressed in PPS, last year were Bulgaria (41 percent below the EU average), Slovakia (33 percent) and Greece (32 per hundred).

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