Day 394 of the Invasion of Ukraine: The West must Prepare for a Long War, according to NATO Chief

Day 394 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • EU summit: Missiles and 1 million projectiles for Ukraine, plan for new sanctions
  • Medvedev said Russian troops would reach Kyiv if necessary
  • Stoltenberg: The West must prepare for a long war in Ukraine
  • An explosion and fire at the plant where engines for Russia's Topol-M nuclear missiles are produced
  • Girkin: Putin, pull yourself together. Don't end up like Gaddafi with a bayonet in the ass


EU summit: Missiles and 1 million projectiles for Ukraine, plan for new sanctions

The EU summit reaffirmed its pledge to provide Ukraine with 1 million shells as well as surface-to-surface missiles if requested. This was stated in a statement published by the heads of state and government of the community who met in Brussels.

"The European Council welcomes the agreement in the Council of the EU for the urgent provision of surface-to-surface ammunition and artillery shells to Ukraine and, upon request, missiles. These will be purchased, including through joint procurement, by mobilizing appropriate funds from the European peace mechanism with the goal of jointly delivering 1 million shells over the next 12 months," the document said. The type of missiles is not specified.

At the summit, the European Union announced new sanctions against Russia and increased information warfare, and called for tougher enforcement of old sanctions and a cap on oil prices. The heads of state and government from the EU, gathered at the summit in Brussels today, indicated this in a joint statement.

"The EU...

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