Drecun meets with MEP Lacapelle

BELGRADE - The head of the Serbian parliamentary committee on Kosovo-Metohija Milovan Drecun met with French MEP Jean-Lin Lacapelle on Friday.

Drecun noted that Serbia would never recognise the false state of Kosovo, regardless of evident political pressure and manipulation, the Serbian parliament said in a statement.

"Anyone who insists on Serbia recognising the false state of Kosovo or agrees to its UN membership is committing a strong internal destabilisation of Serbia as that creates a public sentiment that is against any compromise agreement with Pristina," Drecun stressed.

Speaking about recent war crimes indictments against Hasim Taci and other ethnic Albanians from Kosovo-Metohija, he noted that the indictments best proved and demonstrated the scale of crimes committed by the terrorist "Kosovo Liberation Army" against Serbs, Romani and even ethnic...

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