19 Canceled Flights between Bulgaria and Germany due to the Strike at German airports

Sofia Airport @Wikimedia Commons

Due to the strikes at the German airports, 19 flights to and from the airports in Sofia and Varna have been canceled for today and in the early hours of tomorrow.

According to the information reported, the canceled flights are as follows:

Canceled flights landing at Sofia Airport:

12.10 p.m. - from Munich;

12.10 p.m. - from Hamburg;

12.30 p.m. - from Dortmund;

13.20 p.m. - from Frankfurt;

18.00 p.m. - from Frankfurt;

18.40 p.m. - from Munich;

19.15 p.m. - from Nuremberg;

22.40 p.m. - from Frankfurt;

Canceled flights departing from Sofia Airport:

06.10 a.m. - to Hamburg;

06.20 a.m. - to Dortmund;

12.55 p.m. - to Munich;

14.05 p.m. - to Frankfurt;

14.40 p.m. - to Nurnberg;

18.45 p.m - to Frankfurt;

19.25 p.m. - to Munich;

06.15 a.m. - to Frankfurt;

The only flight that managed to take off today from the capital airport for Germany is for Munich at 07.25.

Canceled flights landing at Varna Airport

13.20 p.m. - from Hamburg;

01.20 a.m. - from Cologne;

Canceled flights departing from Varna Airport

19.05 p.m. - to Cologne;

There are no flights to German cities from Burgas Airport today.

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