Day 396 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Russia will deploy Tactical Nukes in Belarus

Day 396 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • Putin: Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
  • Hungary has joined the project for the joint purchase of shells for Ukraine
  • Europe will compensate Poland with nearly 1 billion euros for the old military equipment handed over to Ukraine
  • Erdogan had a telephone conversation with Putin


Putin: Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

Russia to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. This was announced by President Vladimir Putin and emphasized that the United States has been deploying nuclear weapons on the territory of its allies for years.

On the air of the program "Moscow, Kremlin, Putin", the Russian president assured that all agreements between him and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko will be fulfilled.

"On July 1, we complete the construction of a special storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus."

Putin specified that Russia has helped Belarus re-equip 10 aircraft that can now use this type of weapon and that it has handed the neighboring country an Iskander missile complex that can also be a carrier. The Russian president also commented on Britain's intention to provide Ukraine with shells containing depleted uranium. He emphasized that it is one of the most dangerous and harmful weapons not only for people but also for the environment and warned:

"Russia, of course, has something to answer with. Without exaggeration, we have hundreds of thousands of such projectiles. So far we are not using them."

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