A major twist: Russians after all?

As Tomislav Krasnec writes for Veernji list, the destruction of the Nord Stream has turned into one of the biggest geopolitical mysteries, and a series of several theories that have been leaking into the media for the past two months, and all the squads refer to unnamed sources referred to the investigation, has been joined by a new theory.
The theory, as he writes further, is based on the data that four days before the explosion, the Danish patrol ship "Nymfen", with the help of a Swedish military reconnaissance aircraft, had an unusual route, which leads to the conclusion that the Danes noticed suspicious activity around the later place of the explosion and that that day, September 22, they were chasing someone they thought they had spotted.
As t-online learns from security circles, the group of the Russian Navy allegedly operated under strict protection in the area of the later crime scene.
They allegedly operated as "ghosts", without broadcasting position data. According to this latest theory, those Russian ships would have exactly the equipment needed to plant explosive devices on the pipeline. "Publicly available data show that the information is correct," writes t-online.
Before this, that the Russians might be responsible, there were two theories about who was responsible for the explosion at the Nord Stream pipeline. Namely, at the beginning of February, Seymour Hersh, a famous American journalist of the older generation, on his blog, referring to an unnamed source, developed the theory that the destruction of the Nord Stream was carried out by U.S. special forces in a super-secret operation that President Joe Biden was also aware of.
That theory has been shown to be weak and inaccurate in several other articles and analysis....

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