They took to the streets, the capital's completely blocked PHOTO/VIDEO

Holding an Israeli flag, key anti-reform protest organizer Shikma Bressler led tens of thousands of demonstrators outside the Knesset, chanting: "We will not give up!", The Times of Israel reported.
Bressler was arrested at protests last week and later released.
"No government gave us our rights and no government will take our rights away," opposition leader Yair Lapid told protesters outside the Knesset.
Two protesters entered the Knesset today and are seen on video shouting at Education Minister Yoav Kish in parliament that he should resign before being taken away by the police.
Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon told The Times of Israel that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to announce a pause in the government's divisive judicial reform initiative.

🚨WATCH: Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have joined the popular uprising against Prime Minister Netanyahus far-right government and its march towards fascist authoritarianism. #IsraelProtests

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Tanjug/AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

The Histadrut national labor union has ordered all civil servants to go on strike, including all Israeli diplomatic missions around the world.
A spokesman for the Israeli embassy in the US confirmed that the diplomatic mission is closing until further notice.
The Times of Israel reported that a car driver apparently tried to run over anti-judiciary reform protesters in Tel Aviv, and witnesses said police did not try to stop him.

Israel's prime minister today called on Israeli protesters and counter-demonstrators to refrain from violence after unrest escalated today over a dispute over the government's planned reform of...

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