Code Orange for Strong Winds in 8 Regions of Bulgaria for Today

An orange code for stormy wind has been issued for today, March 28, by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) for 8 regions in the country.

The warning is for the regions of Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Lovech, Pazardjik, Plovdiv and Sliven, where wind gusts can reach over 100 km/h.

For the rest of the country, the warning is a code yellow for high winds.

Today the rain will stop and the clouds will break and decrease. A more significant one will stay over the eastern half of the country and there will be showers of rain, in separate places in North-Eastern Bulgaria - rain and snow.

It will be windy with a moderate to strong wind from the west-northwest, which will gradually weaken in the evening. The minimum temperatures will be between 1°C and 6°C, and the maximum - between 5°C and 10°C. In Sofia, the minimum - about 1°C, and the maximum - about 5°C.

Over the mountains there will be significant cloud cover with snow showers. After lunch in the massifs of Western Bulgaria, the snowfall will stop and the clouds will break. A strong to gale-force north-westerly wind will blow. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be around minus 3°C, at 2000 meters - around minus 10°C.

Over the Black Sea it will be mostly cloudy with rain showers. It will be windy, with a moderate, temporarily strong northwesterly wind. Maximum temperatures: 8°-9°C, the same as the temperature of the sea water.

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