EU deal to move migrant children from Greece officially ends

[InTime News]

A voluntary scheme by European Union member states to accept unaccompanied migrant children from Greece officially ended Tuesday, raising concern over delays still facing the bloc in hammering out a comprehensive new migration agreement.

Fifteen minors from Somalia, Gambia and Pakistan boarded a plane in Athens bound for Lisbon, Portugal, bringing the total number of migrant children relocated under the program to 1,368 in 16 countries since 2020, officials in Athens said.

The European Commission has promised to finalize new migration rules, common across all member states, in 2024 following years of delays.

The main sticking point is centered around the so-called solidarity mechanism, under which member states would be given relocation quotas to assist countries like Greece, Italy and Spain where most of the asylum seekers arrive.

Sofia Voultepsi, the...

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