Montenegrin Police Director in Firing Line After Deputy Arrested

Montenegrin Interior Minister Filip Adzic (left) and police director Zoran Brdjanin (centre) at a press conference. Photo: Government of Montenegro

On March 22, the police force's assistant director, Dejan Knezevic, was arrested on the orders of the Special State Prosecutor's Office for allegedly setting up a criminal organisation.

After the meeting with Brdjanin and outgoing Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, the interior minister announced changes in police management.

"I presented to Brdjanin my view of the situation and what I think are the necessary steps that the government must take. In the next few days, it will be decided whether these changes will lead to the police director's dismissal, as we have to analyse ever aspects. It cannot be the decision of the minister alone, it must be the decision of the government," Adzic told television station Vijesti.

After the meeting on Monday, Brdjanin told media he will not resign, insisting that he didn't violate any law. According to the Law on Internal Affairs, the Interior Ministry can propose to the government that it sack the police director if violations have been committed.

On Tuesday, Montenegrin outgoing Prime Minister Abazovic called on the Special State Prosecution to continue its investigation into police ties with drug gangs.

"No man, no matter his position, was given a mandate by the government for illegal activities. Regardless of whether it is an important or less important position, every man must bear his responsibility and answer professionally and criminally," Abazovic told television station Insider.

Abazovic scheduled a National Security Council session for Tuesday at which the situation within the Montenegrin police force after a recent series...

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