Details of the large police operation: 23 people were questioned

In the Special Department for Suppression of Corruption of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, 25 members of two related groups suspected of money laundering were questioned.
They are suspected of multiple tax frauds related to VAT refunds, which damaged the budget of the Republic of Serbia by more than 246 million dinars.
Except for the three suspects who defended themselves by remaining silent, all the others presented their defense during the hearing, with 17 of them denying the commission of criminal acts, and five partially or fully admitting to the commission of criminal acts, the prosecutor's office announced.
After the hearing, the prosecution proposed to the judge for preliminary proceedings of the High Court in Belgrade to order detention for the 23 suspects.
The detention of the two suspects was lifted and they will defend themselves pending trial in the further course of the proceedings.
Three suspects are still being sought, and a total of 28 suspects have been arrested in this case by the order on conducting the investigation.
In the previous 48 hours, six deputy public prosecutors from the Special Department for the Suppression of Corruption conducted the hearings due to the large number of suspects.
The Prosecutor's Office also issued orders prohibiting the disposal of the suspect's real estate, a luxury vehicle, as well as an order prohibiting the disposal of funds from dinar and foreign currency accounts of the suspects and third parties connected to them.
The suspects are charged with the criminal offenses of Tax Fraud in relation to value added tax, unjustified obtaining and use of loans and other benefits, Money Laundering and Association to commit criminal offences.

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