Kosovo Serb arrested at Jarinje administrative crossing

LEPOSAVIC - Serb Miljan Jovanovic, a former Kosovo police officer, has been arrested at the Jarinje administrative crossing, his wife Suzana told Tanjug on Wednesday.

Jovanovic, 44, was arrested by Pristina's police on Tuesday as he and his family were on their way home from Raska, central Serbia.

Suzana Jovanovic said they had used the crossing many times in the past and that the trip to Raska had gone without problems.

"On the way back, we were led aside and they told my husband to come in and said there was some kind of mistake and that there has been an arrest warrant for him for years now due to that mistake. However, we had used the crossing for years and everyone knows it is a mistake and that it is not an actual arrest warrant," Suzana said.

She said she had tried to take a photo of her husband and the police officers but that they had quickly...

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