MHP to run for polls with its emblems, candidates: Bahçeli

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli on March 28 said his party will enter the elections with its emblems and candidates but not as part of the joint list of the People's Alliance.

"The MHP will certainly achieve the success it deserves, and longs for, with three crescent emblems and valuable parliamentary candidates in all electoral circles," he tweeted.

The candidate of the MHP in the presidential election is clear, its presidential candidate is President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Bahçeli said and added, "With all our means and faith, the uninterrupted struggle for the re-election of our president will continue."

"Many unwarranted, purposeless claims and statements have been made into the subject of discussion and even polemic material in the public recently, especially that a joint list will be made between the MHP and the AK Party," Bahçeli said.

The New Welfare Party and the Grand Unity Party (BBP), which are two of the four parties that make up the People's Alliance, will participate in the elections with their own party logos and candidates, the MHP leader reminded.

"Of course, this appreciation and preference is something that the aforementioned parties will know themselves," he said. The morals, principles and future goals of the People's Alliance will be preserved by the MHP, but his party will not be part of a joint list of the alliance, Bahçeli emphasized.

"While the two parties constituting the People's Alliance are likely to participate in the elections with their names, emblems and candidates, it would not be a correct, logical and reasonable option for the Nationalist Movement Party to be involved in the preparation of a joint list and to resort to it," he stated.

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