"Putin's goal is to erase the identity of Ukraine"

"This war is an attack not only on Ukraine, but on the international rules-based order that seeks to defend international peace and stability, and uphold, in the words of the United Nations Charter, "the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small", Blinken pointed out at a virtual panel session on "A Just and Lasting Peace in Ukraine", ahead of tomorrow's opening of the second Summit for Democracy.
He reminded that the victims of Russian aggression are not only Ukrainians, but people all over the world, according to the statement of the State Department.
"We all know that for peace to be just, it must uphold the principles at the heart of the UN Charter: sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence. And for peace to be durable, it must ensure that Russia can't simply rest and refit its troops, and then relaunch the war at a time more advantageous to it", said the US Secretary of State and added that it is not only about the future of Ukraine, but also about the future of the international order.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba stated that Russia aims to destroy the world order based on international law and the UN Charter.
"I would like to emphasize that the Ukrainian people will accept peace only if it guarantees the cessation of Russian aggression in full, the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory, and the restoration of our state's territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders," said the Ukrainian minister, noting that the peace plan was recognized and approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations.
As he added, Russia resorts to nuclear blackmail and threats, as well as threats to ecological and energy stability and food security, and...

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