Putin will be "finished" by two men and both of them have ties to Serbia

The team that collected evidence of crimes in Ukraine, and on the basis of which an arrest warrant was issued for the Russian president, is headed by a man who is well known to Serbia.
It is Clint Williamson, the former U.S. Ambassador for war crimes who was also a prosecutor in the former government of Barack Obama. He was engaged as the chief prosecutor of the EC's special investigation team for organ trafficking and the most vocal proponent of the formation of a court for crimes committed by the so-called KLA in Kosovo.
As is known, the International Criminal Court recently issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was accused of being responsible for war crimes in Ukraine. In addition to the warrant for Putin's arrest, an arrest warrant was also issued for the Russian Commissioner for Children's Rights Maria Alekseevna Lvova-Belova on the same charges.
The special team that investigated war crimes in Ukraine was formed in May last year at the initiative of the USA, Great Britain and the EU, and it is the advisory group "Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group", which is at the disposal of Ukrainians in their investigations and prosecutions.
However, the former chief Croatian state prosecutor Mladen Baji is also in the team.
Williamson previously collaborated with Baji on a project with the International Criminal Court, which is why he often visited Zagreb. "Croatia is the only EU country that has experience with war crimes on its territory. The Prosecutor's Office in Croatia has extensive experience in prosecuting war crimes. You investigated that crime and created the best system to solve it," said Williamson when he called Baji.
Let us remind you that crimes from the war that ended in 1995 were prosecuted...

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