POS link with cash registers

The Finance Ministry and the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) on Thursday announced the interconnection of cash registers and tax mechanisms with card readers (POS) from June 2023. In a period of six months after the elections, POS are expected to be installed everywhere - i.e. in every business.

At the same time ministry sources said that some of the incentives given to limit tax evasion (receipts from specific professional groups that reduce the tax by up to 2,200 euros) have not brought the expected results and will be re-evaluated.

According to the presentation by AADE chief Giorgos Pitsilis, in the first two months of the summer a total of 400,000 cash registers will be connected to POS. In June, businesses with turnover of up to €100,000 will enter the new mechanism, and in July those with turnover of more than €100,000.

The interconnection...

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