Ukrainian revenge that was served "very cold" PHOTO

Namely, the Ukrainian activist group Cyber Resistance and the volunteer organization Inform Napalm announced that the commander of the 980th aviation regiment, Serhiy Atroshchenko, ordered planes to drop two 500-kilogram bombs on the theater in Mariupol on March 16, 2022.
Hundreds of civilians were killed in the attack because the theater was being used as a shelter from air raids at the time, and on the outside of the courtyard was the inscription "CHILDREN".

Hekerji InformNapalm so ugotovili identiteto polkovnika Sergeja Atroenka. Odgovoren je za zloine proti civilnemu prebivalstvu v Mariupolu, vkljuno z otroki. lani ukrajinske hekerske skupine so pretentali njegovo eno in ta jim je nevede pomagala.

— vojnaslo91(Ale) (@vojnaslo91) March 31, 2023

The hackers first found out Atroshchenko's personal data, after which one of their activists contacted Atroshchenko's wife, introducing herself as a soldier under his command, and asked her to organize a photo shoot of the wives and girlfriends of the regiment members in order to support the men on the battlefield.
The photo shoot was deliberately arranged on March 16, 2023, exactly one year after the bomb attack on the Mariupol theater. Atroshchenko's wife, Lilia, provided the hackers with access to photos of 12 women posing in their husbands' uniforms, as well as half-naked photos.

🤜Ukrainian OSINT professionals have identified Russian war criminals who bombed Mariupol by reaching wives of pilots
Well, done, InformNapalm!#OSINT #Ukraine #RussiaWarCrimes

— Vitaliy Moroz ENG (@vitaliymoroz) March 30, 2023

Furthermore, with the help of those photographs, that is, the wife of a...

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