Vucic, Kovacevski: Serbia-North Macedonia relations best in modern history

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with North Macedonian PM Dimitar Kovacevski in Belgrade on Friday.

The two officials agreed that the relations between their countries were the best in modern history.

Vucic said there was firm political will in Serbia and North Macedonia for further strengthening of cooperation, and proposed concrete steps in the fields of trade, tourism, culture and sports, the Presidency of Serbia said in a statement.

Kovacevski said there were no more outstanding issues between Serbia and North Macedonia and that the partnership between the two countries set an example for the region.

He also said three documents to be signed during his visit to Belgrade would lend an additional impetus to strengthening the cooperation.

Vucic added that Serbia was committed to promoting a positive, future-oriented agenda in...

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