Candida auris accounted for 4.4% of hospital infections in 2022


A fungal superbug called Candida auris accounted for just 4.4% of all hospital infections in Greece last year, the head of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), Theoklis Zaoutis, said Saturday.

"During [the] Covid-19 [pandemic] there was a significant increase in Candida auris infections in intensive care units worldwide. In Greece we already have a report for the past year of all hospital-acquired microbes in the blood and Candida auris constitutes 4.4% of the specific infections," Zaoutis told state-run radio station Praktoreio FM. 

However, the vast majority of multidrug-resistant infections affecting Greek hospitals for years are caused by Klebsiella and Acinetobacter, which together account for 40% of cases, he added.

For this reason, the fungus is not a danger for the general public outside hospitals, nor for those who enter a healthcare...

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