Intrakat completes takeover of Aktor

Intrakat has announced the completion of its acquisition of Aktor SA (a member of the Ellaktor Group) for 100 million euros in cash, while another €114 million regarding Aktor's debt obligations to the Ellaktor Group will be paid gradually under Intrakat's guarantee within 19 months.

In an announcement, Intrakat said the acquisition signaled the strengthening of the group's position in the construction sector as the new company will have a project portfolio of around €4 billion.

Alexandros Exarchou, vice chairman and CEO of Intrakat, commenting on the signing of the deal, said the acquisition is fully in line with Intrakat's development plan, which envisages playing a leading role in the sector and expanding activities in Southeastern Europe, adding that both companies have extensive know-how and expertise in demanding projects of high standards.

The deal is...

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