A Balkan thriller with a ‘Jackson Pollock’

A detail from the disputed painting.

Heavily armed officers from Bulgaria's organized crime unit discovered a painting that looked like it might be the work of the famous American painter Jackson Pollock during a search in Sofia on February 18. There was a dedication written on the back to the actress Lauren Bacall, as well as a signature in Romanian. Prior to being discovered in the Bulgarian capital, the painting - whose authenticity is still being investigated - was in Athens, in the possession of a Greek family.

The news of the discovery of what is possibly an uncatalogued piece by Pollock has been making the rounds of the world in recent weeks. Bulgarian Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev has claimed that the painting was part of the private collection of Nicolae Ceausescu, while also expressing confidence that it is authentic. His reference to the late Romanian dictator prompted a response from that...

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