The Bulgarian Socialists received less than 9% in the Elections - Their Leader blamed another Left Party

Maya Manolova (leader of "Levitsata") and Korneliva Ninova (leader of BSP)

The question of changing the leadership in the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) does not stand. Party leader Kornelia Ninova will not resign, despite the historically poor result of Sunday's vote.

This became clear at the BSP's first briefing after the elections, in which the party received 8.94%.

From Ninova's words, it was also understood that the blame for the fact that "BSP roughly maintains its result from the previous elections" should be sought in the "Left" (Levitsata). "You played as hard as you could, you failed, return to BSP to unite the left, let's see what we can do together", Ninova addressed the people in the coalition with chairwoman Maya Manolova.

"It is not the first time that a doppelganger party has faced the socialists, the goal of harming BSP has been partially achieved. The plan to kill BSP, paid for with a lot of money and support from the office of President Rumen Radev and regional governors appointed by him, failed," Ninova said.

"The course to purge the party of people who are in it to use it continues. The anti-gender politics of BSP also continue."

Ninova confirmed her intention from the beginning of the year to call an internal party referendum to determine the party's behavior in the 49th National Assembly and in forming a government.

"We will conduct an internal party poll on how the parliamentary group should behave - should it join the government, should it support someone, should it stand in opposition. The people will decide," said Ninova and clarified: "We will talk to all parties in the parliament to inform them what decision the party has made."

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