Trump eager to address the public in New York?

Former President Donald Trump, who spent the night in Trump Tower in New York before the start of the trial, is eager to speak publicly about his indictment.
This is stated by several people from his environment, along with reports by the media.
Although Trump will be formally arrested today, he is expected to be free after the indictment is read and is scheduled to head from New York to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.
Trump reportedly considered addressing the public outside the courthouse, and advisers urged him to delay the address until he arrived in Florida due to security concerns.
However, it seems that Trump will still speak in New York, but in a courthouse.
A lawyer for former President Donald Trump said he expects Trump to speak to cameras in the hallway of a Manhattan courtroom both before and after his testimony on Tuesday.
Chris Kise, one of Trump's lawyers, said he met with Trump at Trump Tower last night.
"The president is optimistic and determined as always to fight against those who create injustice," Kise said.
It is also possible that Trump will speak at Mar-a-Lago. In any case, Trump is eager to make his case publicly as he continues to attack Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, CNN reports.

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