Borrell: Serbia and so-called Kosovo should fulfill all obligations of the Agreement

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that the EU expects Serbia and the so-called Kosovo fulfills all obligations.
This refers to the obligations arising from the Agreement on Normalization of Relations.
Borrell wrote on Twitter that Serbia and the so-called Kosovo committed to the Agreement on the path to normalization and the Implementation Annex, and that the EU expects both of them to comply with all obligations from the Agreement and to start implementing the assumed obligations as soon as possible.
"The two sides must avoid any escalations. Translation of their commitments to the paths of their European integration is underway," Borrell wrote.
He adds that the agreement reached at yesterday's meeting of the main negotiators at the technical level on the text of the Declaration on the missing persons is the first step.
"The agreement they reached on the text on the declaration on missing persons during yesterday's chief negotiators meeting is a first step. We will endorse it at leaders level at the next high level meeting I will convene", Borrell posted on Twitter.
According to his words, he will support the agreed text of the EU Declaration at the next meeting of high-level leaders that he will convene.

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