The sirens are "flaringly sounding": Israel launches airstrikes at Gaza VIDEO

They decided to intensify their strike after rocket attacks on Israel from the territory of Lebanon on Thursday.
"The Israeli army will not allow the terrorist organization Hamas to carry out operations from Lebanon, and we hold the state of Lebanon responsible for any attack that comes from its territory," the Israeli army said, Reuters reported.
The attack on Lebanon came a day after militants from southern Lebanon and Gaza fired rockets at Israel.
According to the AP, the airstrikes came at a time when Israel's top security officials were meeting to discuss a response to the country's shelling.
The American news agency reminds that the incident in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque earlier this week, when the Israeli police stormed the mosque and beat the Palestinians who were there, led to renewed rocket fire from the direction of Gaza, since on Thursday about 30 rockets were fired from Gaza and Lebanon to Israel.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised an "aggressive response" to the shelling.
"We will strike at the enemies and they will pay the price for every act of aggression," Netanyahu said.

Hamas responded immediately

Palestinian Hamas condemned today the Israeli air attack on Lebanon, near the southern Lebanese city of Tyre.
"We condemn the evident Zionist aggression against Lebanon near Tyre early this morning," Hamas said in a statement, Reuters reported.

🚨Sirens sounding in southern Israel🚨

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) April 6, 2023

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