Bulgaria: The 49th National Assembly convenes for its First Session Today

On Holy Wednesday - start of the 49th National Assembly. Today, the deputies will gather at a solemn meeting, which will be presided over by the oldest member of parliament.

As in the previous parliament, it is Vezhdi Rashidov in this one as well.

After taking the oath, the deputies must also elect the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly.

A procedure that lasted three days in the previous parliament.

So far, two of the candidates for chairman are clear - Rosen Zhelyazkov from GERB-SDS and Petar Petrov from "Vazrazhdane".

After the formation of the 49th National Assembly, the president must hold consultations with the parliamentary parties before handing over the first mandate to form a government.

Hours before the start of the new parliament, the leader of the GERB-SDS Boyko Borissov called on the MPs from the party to join hands with "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" and form a coalition cabinet together, because the state is in a dire situation and may be left without a budget.

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