Bulgaria’s President: The 49th Parliament has been Assigned a Fateful Role, the Budget is a Primary Task

"The 49th National Assembly has been assigned a fateful role. We all expect that it will make long-awaited decisions not only about the way out of the political crisis, but also about defending the European perspective of the country and the future democratic society." This was stated by President Rumen Radev in his address to the new deputies from the rostrum of the plenary hall.

The head of state singled out the adoption of the budget as a primary task before the 49th National Assembly. From the rostrum of the plenary hall, the head of state expressed hope that the plan-account will be introduced by a regular cabinet, and not by the caretaker government.

"Without a doubt, the challenges to this National Assembly are great, but also without a doubt the adoption of the Budget is a primary task. A complex equation is to be solved, which must guarantee both the incomes of the Bulgarian citizens in conditions of crisis and inflation, as well as the prospect of economic growth and preserving long-term financial stability. I very much hope, and rightly so, that the budget is brought in by a regular government that commits to clear long-term policies and takes responsibility for it. Failing that, the caretaker government will bring in a budget, but the final word will be yours, especially in the part about the budget deficit," said Radev.
He pointed out that he expects the deputies to support the European course set by the caretaker government by supporting the laws under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, but also to approach with all their responsibility to guarantee national security.

"And to put an end to the delusion that by replacing a few old tanks with other old ones, we will solve the problems with manning and...

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