France praises Greek stand on quakes

'It was important to show that the EU has its own voice, independent of the US,' French Secretary of State for European Affairs Laurence Boone tells Kathimerini. [EPA]

Laurence Boone, France's minister of state for European affairs, expresses Paris' satisfaction at the lowering of Greek-Turkish tensions. Speaking to Kathimerini, she praises the Greek response to the earthquakes in Turkey and confirms France's abiding interest in the Mediterranean. "It is our region, those on the other side of it are our neighbors and we have a common interest in ensuring peace and stability there."

In a question about President Emmanuel Macron's visit to China, she rejects criticism that he failed to enlist President Xi Jinping's support in the effort to get Russia to cease hostilities. Talks like those between President Macron and President Xi are "essential" so that "this war ends as quickly as possible, on terms which safeguard the territorial integrity of Ukraine," she says, but also to prevent China from sending weapons to Russia.


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