Moldova is buying Greek gas to test import routes


Moldova, under constant threat of a reduction in Russian gas supplies, will buy a small amount of gas from Greece to test new import routes, state energy company Energocom said on Thursday.

The framework deal between Energocom and Greek state-controlled DEPA Commercial was signed earlier this month. Gas supplies have caused frequent tension between Moldova and Russia, with Moldova relying almost exclusively on Gazprom for gas imports and on Russian energy until late last year.

Energocom said it would buy around 2,250 cubic meters of gas at a price of 477 euros per 1,000 cubic meters and all the volume would be delivered to gas operator Moldovagaz.

"The purpose of buying gas from Greece is to see how the logistics chain works: reserving capacity in each country through which gas will be pumped - Greece, Bulgaria, Romania," Energocom said in a statement.

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