The German Foreign Minister calls on China for a Peaceful Solution to the Taiwan Issue

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who is visiting China, called for a peaceful solution to the Taiwan issue, Reuters reported.

"Conflicts must be resolved peacefully," Baerbock said at a news conference in Beijing with Chinese Foreign Minister Qing Gan.

She called on China to exert its influence on Russia to end the war in Ukraine.

China wants to cooperate with Germany - the two countries are partners, not adversaries, said Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gan.

On the Ukraine issue, Qin pointed out that China wants to continue working for peace and hopes that all countries involved in the crisis will be objective, calm and work together.

The German foreign minister will meet tomorrow with China's top foreign affairs representative, Wang Yi. And with him, she will discuss the situation around Taiwan and the war in Ukraine, as well as the issue of human rights. Efforts to reduce tensions around Taiwan called on the German government ahead of foreign minister Annalena Baerbock's political talks in Beijing. This week, the Chinese military held military exercises near the self-governing island, which Beijing considers part of Chinese territory.

On the issue of Ukraine, Baerbock emphasized in a statement that Germany's interest in a complete end to the war in Ukraine is at the top of the agenda of her visit to China. According to her, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China bears a special responsibility for world peace.

The government in Berlin has once again delayed the presentation of a strategy for relations with China, trying to balance between strong economic dependence and disagreement with the authoritarian rule of President Xi Jinping.

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