Bulgaria: Rotation of the Chairman of Parliament - The First one will be Rosen Zhelyazkov

Rosen Zhelyazkov to be elected chairman of the 49th National Assembly. If the parliament works for more than 3 months, it is possible to have a rotation based on a gentleman's agreement between GERB-SDS and We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria. This was agreed upon by the two largest parliamentary political formations after the series of meetings on the legislative program of the 49th Parliament.

While Rosen Zhelyazkov is the chairman of the National Assembly, the chairman of the legal commission will be from the Parliament Group of the WCC-DB. He will be nominated after a discussion of the leadership of the coalition.

If there is a rotation, the chairman of the legal committee will also be replaced.

The two largest parliamentary parties have prepared a common list of bills that they will propose to the other political forces. They concern the reforms under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, Bulgaria's accession to the Eurozone and Schengen, the bills for changes to the Civil Procedure Code, the Anti-Corruption Commission and protection from domestic violence.

"Tomorrow we expect that there will be an elected Speaker (Chairman) of the National Assembly, so that it will start regular work. The list of bills will be proposed as a program of this session of the Parliament, and if it works successfully, after three months there will be an opportunity to rotate the Speaker of the National Assembly, so that, together with the chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs, they work in sync and can adopt the rest of the bills," said Nikolay Denkov from WCC-DB.

The legislative program will also be presented to the other parliamentary political forces in search of support, as well as a constitutional majority for...

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