Bulgaria: Borissov and GERB met with the President for Consultations

Borissov (left) and Radev (right)

At exactly 3 p.m., the consultations of the representatives of GERB-SDS with president Radev began within the framework of the constitutional procedure for handing over a mandate to form a government.

At the beginning of the consultations, the president said that the voters have given GERB-SDS the place of the first political force and asked how much, according to GERB-SDS, is needed to form a government, as well as what is the position of the coalition on the budget.

"I want to congratulate you on the achieved election result. With this victory, the voters have entrusted you with a huge responsibility. The first political power in the parliament bears the greatest responsibility for forming a government as quickly as possible and with the greatest support in conditions of war and crises."

"You have a leading role in solving urgent issues in the 49th National Assembly, which have been postponed in several parliaments, related to Schengen, the Eurozone, the European Union and the abolition of the state budget. Yesterday I heard about a budget in which there will be a 3% deficit, the costs and taxes will not be touched.

All of these are important, but these multi-layered tasks become even more important because of the time factor.

If a government is not formed, the big question is what we do with the budget and the laws, and the leading factor is time - apparently many Bulgarian citizens bet on your experience and it is good to know what your views are on solving these issues. How long does it take to negotiate with your opponents until recently, how long do you think it takes to pass a state budget? The deadlines for the Budget are expiring, and by the end of April the caretaker government must...

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