Bulgaria: Kostadinov and "Vazrazhdane" met with the President for Consultations

Kostadinov (left) and President Radev (right)

President Rumen Radev continues the political consultations for forming a government with the parliamentary groups in the 49th National Assembly.

At 9:30 a.m., the meeting of the head of state with the representatives of the "Vazrazhdane" (Revival) party began. Party leader Kostadin Kostadinov, as well as Tsoncho Ganev and Petar Petrov, attended the consultations on behalf of "Vazrazhdane".

At the beginning of the meeting, President Radev congratulated "Vazrazhdane" with the high election result, which is an expression of the confidence of the Bulgarians in the party.

"With each election, your support grows, but so does your responsibility. This parliament has a lot of unfinished business left over from previous parliaments, the country faces risk and many challenges. You have already repeatedly stated that you will be in opposition in the 49th National Assembly, but you know well that the opposition also has an important role in the political process. The situation requires every political force to contribute to solving the problems in the country," the head of state said.

Radev added that apart from the issue of power in the 49th National Assembly, the expectations for this parliament are at least to adopt a budget in order to at least guarantee the country's financial stability.

Radev also asked to hear from "Vazrazhdane" when the National Assembly will start working because the expectation for this parliament is to at least adopt the Budget for this year; as well as what the successful formula would be for broadcasting a government and how long it would take parliament to do so.

"How do you see as a time frame the work of this parliament related to the distribution of mandates? Because the mandates, the...

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